12 November, 2009

Wow ... Thanks for the warm welcome!
It's truly an honor and is very much appreciated.

So, have you ever studied the human spine? I have, and I'll go on the record as having said the human skeleton is a marvelous, complex, and engaging thing of beauty. There are so many planes, so many contours, so many pieces that fit and work together perfectly. Where should one begin?

I've started a new sculpture. The pulls from the molds of this undertaking will become the residents of future haunt displays. I need to replace the old Ambush prop bodies that gave their all for the good cause. They served me well, and they've moved on to a less animated retirement in Bushnell, Florida.
If all goes well, I'll build some new machines that will require charaters, so why not treat myself to another cage match? Eric vs. the sculpting, molding, casting, etc. project - winner takes all ...

Bear with me, I'm dreadfully slow and equally rusty, plus the countless other "things to do" on THAT never ending list.
I'll post photos as progress allows and will look forward to your input.


  1. ..ugh, the reality of coming out of retirement =). I am sure I can speak for the rest of us in the fact we look forward to the results.

  2. You signed off as I signed on, so I am excited to see your WIPs (works in progress) and watch something come into existance. No pressure! :)

  3. This blog had better be photo-heavy : )

    Can't wait, Eric.

  4. ERIC!! You're back! Thank goodness! I must tell you that your were my inspiration to get back into haunting a few years back. I LOVED your photos. I would look at them all the time. I sorely miss the Hilton haunt photos- especially all the ones from the tennis court. I tried to point someone to those pics this year from halloween.com, as they were looking for info on how to do a tennis court haunt. I was SO bummed to see it all gone. Can you please re-post all those wonderful archive pics? Really glad to see you back! I'll be checking in. Take care. -Dan

  5. Did you do a Haunt this year my friend (Bruce from California). Here is quick trailer of mine (Son of Bellicose is there) .. Look familiar ??